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Energia medical

66 Facemask

66 Facemask

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12.2” X 7.9” pad is designed to cover the entire face.  Typically, used for Acne and Wrinkle Reduction. Features 66 diodes that can be selected to be red or blue.  Wavelengths are blue (465nm) and red (640nm). The attached controller allows for the selection of red or blue. The controller works like a battery so no need to plug it into an outlet.

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4.5” X 9.8” pad is designed for more targeted areas. Typically, used  on wrist, neck, elbow,  hand,  foot and calf. 


Features  90 total LEDs – 45 infrared and 45 red. Wavelengths are red (660nm) and infrared (850nm). Connects to power adapter, 3 port or 6 port controller via USB cable.


The pad contains a built in controller with three protocols:

A)circulation multi-frequency protocol,

B)pain multi-frequency protocol and

C)all Nogier frequencies protocol.



. Wrinkle reduction

. Acne

. Improved local criculation

. Reduce pain

. Relax muscles

. Relax muscles spasms

. Relieves aches/stiffness caused by arthritis


. Connects to its own controller which is charged via USB cord and operates as the power source.

. Feature 132 total LEDs - 66 blue and red 66.

. Wavelength are red (640nm) and blue (465nm).

. 2.180 joules delivered during 20 minute treatment time

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